5-Layer Extrusion Line Model :
    It is producing 5-Layer sleeve, which is organized with PE, EVOH as gas barrier and adhesive material ADMER.

The best condition & power Gear box and motors for 4 screws are giving high speed, high efficiency and high quality movement.

To get the best quality of sleeves, we prepared a special vacuum cooling process which is organized vacuum calibration tooling zone,  annealing zone and finally water spray cooling zone. It will give a reasonable production speed, shine surface of sleeve and constant quality. It passed CE approval
    • Extruder ø 60mm l For Inner Layer(PE)
• Extruder ø 40mm l For Tie Layer(ADMER)
• Extruder ø 35mm l For Barrier Layer(EVOH)
• Extruder ø 60mm l For Outer Layer(PE)
• Tube dia l 16~60mm
• Tube length l 50~220mm
• Extrusion speed l Max. 23m/min
• Cutting capa. l Max. 200pcs/min
• Elec. power l 380V-3ph-50/60Hz, 115kw
• Water Chiller l 120ℓ/min, 25,000 k/cal
• Dimension(mm) l W 4500 × L 7800 × H 2500

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