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• 4-station horizontal indexing type with 6-mandrel
• A perfect shape of shoulder and neck
• High efficiency & flexibility.
• Quick tool change system
• Easy operation and maintenance
• Max. output speed : 60pcs/min
• Max. output speed l 72pcs/min
• Tube length l 60~200mm
• Air consumption l 6~7kg/cm3, 800ℓ/min
• Elec. Power l 380V-3ph-50/60Hz, 30kw
• Orientation unit for oval tubes
- It gives oval shape of tubes, full printing tubes till
shoulder line and orientation for flip top caps.
• Max. output speed l 60pcs/min
• Tube dia. l 25~50mm
• Top sealing unit to close orifice holes
  GCH6000 GCH6000A GCH6000B
Tube dia. 25~50mm 13.5~30mm 30~60mm
Dimension W2350 x L5500
x H1850
W2254 x L5500
x H1850
W2350 x L5500
x H1850

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